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Classes of insurance

Pursuant to Ordinance on the classification of risk types according to groups and classes of insurance business issued by the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency on 30th of July 2009, insurance business is divided into;

Groups of insurance business

  • Non - life insurance business
  • Life assurance business

Non-life insurance business comprises the following insurance classes

  • personal accident insurance
  • health insurance
  • insurance of land motor vehicles
  • insurance of railway rolling stock
  • insurance of aircraft
  • insurance of vessels
  • insurance of goods in transit
  • insurance against fire and natural disasters
  • other property insurance lines
  • motor vehicle liability insurance
  • aircraft liability insurance
  • insurance against liability arising out of the use of vessels
  • other liability insurance lines
  • credit insurance
  • suretyship insurance
  • insurance against miscellaneous financial losses
  • legal expenses insurance
  • travel insurance

Life assurance business comprises the following insurance classes:

  • life assurance
  • annuity insurance
  • supplementary insurance linked with life assurance policy
  • marriage and birth assurance
  • life assurance or annuity insurance in which the investment risk is held by the policyholder
  • tontines
  • assurance with paid-up sum assured.

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